Mobile First - is the mantra of companies like Google, Apple and Microsoft in 2015


The Mobile First VCard Account is the single most powerful tool you can carry with you every day, and everywhere when loaded on a State of the Art Smartphone with a data plan.

The ability to immediately engage the person next to you with rich, attractive multimedia instantly on their Phone separates you from your competition and forges a bond that only sharing like this can create - you are sharing you and you have that critical prospects 100% attention. So - impress them make them anxious to show what they learned with others, and close that sale.


Here is a basic VCard Helper Video:

A VCard in well trained and motivated hands will produce thousands of dollars of sales that paper business cards will simply leave on the table. The most reliable path to that game changing meeting and that critical new client is your trained and motivated sales staff equipped with the latest mobile engagement tool; the Webkid Mobile VCard on a Smartphone.

Strategic Keywords: Here is a Keyword Helper Video:


For the Independant Sales Professional

The Basic VCard Acct - is $39/Month - $89 Setup - Includes 200Msg/Month ($.02/Msg Over)

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For the Small Corporate Sales Team

The VCard Plus Acct - is $49/Month - $89 Setup - Includes 400 Msg/Month ($.02/Msg Over), 5 VCard’s  and 2 Strategic Keywords

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For the Mobile Enterprise Sales Team

The VCard Premium Acct - is $99/Month - $89 Setup - Includes 2000 Msg/Month ($.02/Msg Over), 10 VCard’s  and 10 Strategic Keywords

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Start Small, We can scale and grow with your needs, so start with a Basic Account - but most importantly start now so you don’t miss this opportunity.