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Provide laser beam targeted engagement campaigns that build a database of the most qualified leads and cultivate their loyalty / peak their interest with patient, gentle, persuasive - and very occasional Permission Only TEXT messages. If you have a plumbing business your keyword could be CLOG and your Service Van could say TEXT CLOG to 63975 to fix that clog quick! Or your keyword could be WATER and your radio ad could say TEXT WATER to 63975 for a FREE Water Quality Test! You would have 2 Databases 1) that hit the keyword CLOG and 2) that hit the Keyword WATER. Use you imagination! As long as you respect and do not over-use this powerful instant connection; these databases will grow and serve you well for your entire business career and be part of your assets when you sell and retire. Contact Us

Mobile Websites

Create websites that actually fit the mobile phone and actually work with "thumb friendly" navigation and comfort to enhance and support your current website. Q2 of 2014 Google announced that Mobile device searches had passed those made from a traditional desktop computer. This means that people are looking at your website from a 4" IPhone display - in most cases that is almost UN-usable. Taking time to build a standalone phone friendly mobile website not only makes your business accessible but Search Engine like Google will position you higher if you have a true mobile website, and the search comes in from a phone or mobile device. So that means going from un-reachable and un-findable to top result and easy access for your customers - do I have your attention now? Contact Us

Mobile Phone Apps and Virtual Business Cards

Mobile business card apps that live on your phone or tablet and allow clients and associates to enter their mobile number and instantly have their own mobile business card on their own phone or tablet Contact Us

Social Media

Turn clients to "Likes' and "Likes" to clients and both to measurable sustainable bottom line revenues. Contact Us

Kiosk Lead Capture

Point of Sale, Trade show, Field Sales, Service Tech, PTA Meeting, Seminar face to face encounters with an IPad or IPhone in hand allows instant opt in with a mobile number using the active Kiosk we provide. Contact Us

Text 2 Screen

Church, College or Town Hall meetings feature a much greater level of engagement when participants are invited to TEXT in questions, comments and vote to a moderated large projected screen in the front of the group. Contact Us


Imagine if your waitress seated your customers with a special card that says, get an unstant earth friendly modile coupon on your phone if you take our survey after your meal. TEXT HUNGRY to 63975 NOW and we will send you the survey when you are done dining! That survey will provde 3 questions allowing them to rank their dining experience, the service, the price - and get a coupon back on their phone with a 7 day expiration. Not only do you get back great accurate feedback, but they feel appreciared and they need to be back next week to redeem their coupon. The are also now a permanent part of your growing customer database. Contact Us

Event Lead Acquisition

TEXT cap to 63975 at the entry to a baseball game, and instantly welcome the participants with a FREE Hot Dog coupon as a reward for adding their mobile number to your growing database of baseball fans Contact Us

Mobile Integration

The most cost effective and quantitative ROI comes from our Mobile Integration work. A restaurant owner spending $5000/mnth for (a) Radio, (b) TV, (c) Print and (d) Outdoor advertising can learn without question which is the most effective venue by simply adding Mobile. Free Soda TEXT soda1, or soda2, or soda3, or soda4 to 63975 (each on a different ad) will tell you clearly which (a,b,c,d) works best. (by the way you will be building a database of folks that react to your ads Contact Us

Small Website Constriction

For those that need a highly focused Small Website and have limited resources - we recommend our SmallWebsite projectf or new businesses, or retirees that have time to try an exciting new twist on  a traditional busine model


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    Facebook and Twitter Management

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    Mobile Coupons
    Facebook and Twitter Management
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