Village of Greenwood Nebraska Approves New Technology for Critical Alerts

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For Immediate Release, February 18 2016

By John Harrington, WebKid Mobile Marketing,

Village of Greenwood Nebraska Approves New Technology for Critical Alerts

Greenwood, NE – At a regular meeting of the Village of Greenwood Council of Trustees, February 10, 2016 the Council approved a project to implement Critical Alert Messaging to subscribers for the Village of Greenwood.  The project will provide critical alerts for any clear and present public safety issue as defined by the Council.  The alerts are delivered directly to the cellular phone or Mobile Device of the subscriber that is  in an area of cellular service, and does not require the power grid to or the Internet to accessible or to be in operation.  Alerts are not dependant upon a third party, and provides the Village of Greenwood complete control of their Critical Municipal Messaging.

Greenwood is the fourth municipality to adopt this technology in Nebraska. Other villages in Cass County to implement Critical Municipal Alerts include Elmwood, Murray and Eagle.  The critical alert messaging technology is an enhancement to and does not replace any of the existing emergency response such as sirens and 911 calls.  John Harrington of WebKid states,


The Critical Alert Message System is a simple, yet valuable enhancement to current emergency response procedures.  It is an add-on to the systems already in place.  Text messages are delivered very rapidly and recipients will open and read a text message over 93% of the time within 90 seconds. That rate is much higher than email or any other delivery method.”


Harrington also emphasizes that each municipality will be in complete control of managing when a message is sent, and what the message says.

To subscribe to the service, any user with a cell phone can send a text message with the word “68366” (which is the zip code for Greenwood) to the phone number 28748.  The software behind the WebKid technology automatically registers the phone number to send out future critical messages to that phone, such as tornado warnings, and public safety information.  A subscriber can also enroll by entering their cell phone number on the Village of Greenwood website at in the Village Section

Harrington is quick to point out that the technology follows CTIA federal regulations to allow subscribers to “shut it off” by texting the word “STOP” to the same phone number – 28748.  

WebKid uses the licensed 5 digit number 28748 solely for the purposes of municipal alerts.  WebKid also provides messaging services for commercial and organizational purposes such as promotions, contests, church organizations, clubs, and real estate agents using licensed 5 digit number 72727

When using text messaging services such as provided by WebKid, text messaging fees may apply to the owner of the phone, based on the service the user has with their phone provider, such as Verizon or Sprint.  Unlimited TEXT messaging is often provided for free by the phone carrier.

About the Village of Greenwood, Nebraska

Greenwood is a village in Cass County, Nebraska, United States. As of the census of 2010, there were 568 people, 223 households, and 155 families residing in the village.

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