What is Mobile?

The term "Mobile" is becoming a common expression in 2021 for all work that relates to the mobile devices the majority of us now carry.

In the case of Webkid Mobile Marketing llc; "Mobile" refers to Mobile Marketing best practices. Our expertise offers the tools, and the strategy that enable businesses and organizations to leverage this new communication technology. We integrate traditional internet development, with traditional advertising media and then weave the live mobile user device into the complete fabric of client engagement.

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Who Uses Mobile?

The SmartPhone - 68% of your probable Marketplace caries with them, and can not be separated from what has come to be known as a "SmartPhone".  97% of your customers carry a mobile device of some kind that has a mobile number assigned to it, supplies instant information and is capable of receiving a TEXT (SMS) message. According to PEW Research Institute 79% of American's TEXT (SMS) and 33% of that group prefer TEXTing to any other form of remote conversation.

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What are principal Benefits of Mobile?

  • Instant delivery – 97% read rate
  • Viral – forwarded at a rate of 5-32%
  • Cost-effective
  • More broad reach
  • 1-on-1 interactive communication
  • Produces a Quantitative ROI
  • Adds precise effectiveness to traditional advertising
  • Trackable, adds Trackability to traditional advertising
  • Easy to use/Easy to implement
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Best Mobile Practices

With the sheer power of instant communication and the spectacular explosion of new mobile users; it was predictable that abuse would take take place. Inexpensive non-Carrier Standard messaging technology emerged coupled with Merchants that could not resist the quick score peaked 7-8 years ago and the result was a flood on Non-Permission based messages. This came at a time when Carriers charged their subscribers on a per/message basis and many folks ended up with undeserved large cell phone bills and raged against to Mobile Carriers. The result was new laws, huge fines, law suits and Best Practices from the CTIA that put an abrupt end to the abuses. A large part of the Webkid mission is to counsel and educate organizations that are attracted to the promise of Mobile to understand that "Fishing with Dynamite" is not only short-sighted and ineffective it is also not allowed at Webkid and our systems with their predictive security will eliminate any such behavior before it begins. There is a better way and it requires patience, and respect for the mobile user. Contact Us

Target Marketing

The Holy Grail of marketing is to spend precious budgets in as target a fashion as possible, and then to be able to measure what each dollar brought home in-terms of revenue, or lead acquisition. Mobile extends an umbilical cord between you and the client for instant measurable feedback delivering unprecedented marketing precision and instant tactical intelligence. Contact Us

Loyalty Marketing

From POS to custom register receipts to the after meal "Satisfaction Survey" (in exchange for a Mobile Coupon next visit) the clarity of information possible from your Loyal Customer base insures that you have un-blocked front row seats as the votes come in on your quality, your service, prices and your customers overall happiness. Contact Us

Lead Acquisition

Imagine a smoke-flying skywriter offering a Free Ticket to the Car Show TEXT SHOW to 72727 - high above a metropolitan city, or an announcement at the Ball Game that there is a Coupon for a FREE Hot Dog for everyone that TEXTs DOG to 24848. Right now, you have hundreds and hundreds of qualified leads that understand that future offers, and rewards will follow in the weeks to come! Business owners are wrapping their vehicles with the short-code and keyword, putting it on billboards, putting it on the back of receipts.. or even handing it to every customer and telling them to go ahead and text message in now, and we will send you environmentally friendly coupons periodically right to your cell phone. Most people haven’t been marketed to like this as of yet, and will love how you build rapport with them by communicating with them directly and timely and giving them opportunities to save money with your company..    This really keeps you on the cutting edge. Contact Us

Social Media

The key to success in Social Media is rewarding loyalty and good behavior with genuine value and reward. Mobile gives you the ability to engage directly - 1-1 with individuals and earn the right to ask to be "Liked" and extend your influence Contact Us

The 4 Big Benefits  

  1.  The best part of mobile marketing is the direct impact;  know that 5 seconds from now, 97% of the people you just sent this message to are reading it.  (Most effective/ most strategic form of marketing today.)   The benefit to you is “For the first time ever, you aren’t wasting your money on advertising.   You will actually get an ROI.  Are you the kind of person that likes to invest in your own business if you are going to get money back in return? But the biggest thing is we give you the ability to deliver a promotion or “call to action” with pinpoint accuracy and at the exact time you want it delivered.  This can be done spur of the moment too.    It is proven to have greater call to action rate than other types of marketing (direct mail less than 1%, email campaigns, less than 5% are read).   The benefit to you is you can decide who sees your message, and when they see it.  This will mean more business.
  2. No lead time in a marketing effort.  This is an advantage over all of your competition that has to plan months in advance.  The advantage is flexibility.  You don’t have to plan months in advance… You are a little slow, you can immediately craft a campaign to fit the needs right now.  Over-stocked on something?  Have an opening?  Let everyone know right now! Example – Let’s say it is 11:30 on a Saturday morning… you send out a text msg that says; 1 Day Clearance on all Golf Shirts Show this TEXT at the register for 65% Off Example  - You have the ability to market only to those customers you know are going to buy from you.  Why would you waste money on any other type of marketing?
  3. This is also highly track-able.  Most people run coupons and specials, or VIP sales events off their keyword, people will literally walk in the door and show you their phone for their discount.  This proves an ROI without question.   How would you feel when you had customers walking in the door after you ran a promotion and you could see that for once your marketing efforts weren’t going to waste.  It would feel good wouldn’t it?
  4. Easily mashed up with other marketing efforts.  Benefit;  This also adds effectiveness to other marketing efforts.  If you do run a billboard, or something in the paper, now there is an actual “call to action”.   They can text in.  When they do, you will never have to market to that consumer again in that fashion… You will have them forever
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In Summary;  Mobile just fits a good business model.  Mobile fits good business practice.  If you were going to spend money, where do you want to spend it?  Somewhere where you know you will get a return on investment.  This is why major brands are already using Mobile, or are planning to.

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